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Frank Edmunds Company offers customers a wide range of products and services.  Edmunds’ professional staff assists customers in each phase of the sales, production and delivery processes. 

Services provided include:


Frank Edmunds Company can assist in the design of wood parts and displays.  Providing customers with drawings of the product prior to production helps ensure satisfaction with the final product.


If you have a project that includes wood parts and you need an idea of their cost, Edmunds sales staff can provide an estimated cost and lead time for the parts required.


When you need an actual cost of a wood part or display, Edmunds will provide you with a written quotation. The quotation will include the cost of the product, the lead time for production and delivery, any tooling or set up charges involved and the estimated freight charges if requested. 


Edmunds’ experience sales staff can source hard to find wood products from their extensive vendor database.  Edmunds has sources for both domestic and imported hardwoods, softwoods, plywood and laminates.


Quality is carefully checked throughout the production process.  Edmunds’ production capabilities include drilling, routing, shaping, tenoning, cutting, assembly and packaging.


Frank Edmunds Company has in house finishing capabilities.  Spray and tumble finishing are available using a wide range of materials and colors.  Edmunds can also provide color matching services to customers when needed.

Just In Time Delivery

Edmunds will warehouse customer’s inventory and release deliveries as instructed.   


Edmunds’ shipping department will carefully prepare every product for a safe delivery. Edmunds will drop ship customer’s products via UPS or FedEx using the customer’s labels and packing slips. 

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