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Specialty Wood Parts

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For over 60 years the Frank Edmunds Company has been a full service manufacturer and distributor of specialty wood parts.  From the smallest wood toy parts to large timbers for the steel industry, Edmunds can produce or source the wood parts you require.

Depending on the customer’s needs, the Edmunds Company will do one of three things:

  1. Source raw material and plan on producing the wood parts in house.
  2. Source partially machined parts and plan on completing the wood parts in house.
  3. Source the completed wood parts from a competent manufacture.

Using their extensive vendor database, Edmunds’ sales staff can locate the best supplier of the raw material or the completed wood part.  Edmunds’ experienced production staff takes pride in their machining and finishing capabilities carefully checking  for, and rejecting, defective or damaged product.

Edmunds has earned a reputation for quality wood parts and timely delivery.  Edmunds’ sales staff does this by listening carefully to customers to determine and confirm the customer’s priorities.  If price is a priority, Edmunds experienced staff can suggest modifications to keep you on budget.  If lead time is critical, Edmunds will provide alternative solutions to keep you on schedule.

Send Edmunds a sample or drawing of the specialty wood product you are looking for and they will be happy to provide you with a quotation.  Be sure to include the species of wood you desire, the number of wood parts required and any finishing requirements. 


Quality is a major priority for the Frank Edmunds Company.  Product quality is checked throughout the production and packaging process.  Edmunds will replace or refund the cost of any wood parts that do not meet specifications.

Quality customer service has been a goal of the Frank Edmunds Company since 1945.  Satisfied customers are why Edmunds has been in business for over 60 years.


Wood craft parts, industrial wood working, wood toy parts, dowel rods. Production, finishing, sourcing, design, warehousing, drop shipping and fulfillment.

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