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Industries Served

With over 50 years in the wood products business, Edmunds has provided wood parts to a wide variety of industries.  In the 1950’s Edmunds provided wood turnings and dowels to furniture and display manufacturers throughout the Midwest.  In the late 1950’s and 1960 the Edmunds Company began supplying the Steel Mills in Illinois and Indiana with blocking and wedges used in steel production.

As Frank Edmunds Company’s capabilities grew, so did the number of customers from new industries.  The Company provides the educational and publishing industries with a number of wood components used in the classroom.  The Edmunds Company has produced institutional furniture and furniture components for churches, schools and nurseries.

Under the brand name F.A. Edmunds Needlework the Company manufactures and distributes quilting, cross stitch, embroidery, tapestry and rug frames through retailers and catalogs.  Through their Representative Sales division Edmunds distributes thousands of craft items to several countries.

The Edmunds Company machines, finishes and distributes dowel rods and pins to manufactures of furniture, movie screens, household products, fan blades, signs and banners.  The Company also supplies dowel rods to florists, packaging houses, hardware stores and lumber yards. 

The Green Grass Display division provides the golf industry with merchandisers for golf clubs and equipment.  These displays are sold to retailers, golf professionals and equipment manufacturers throughout the world.

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