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The Frank A. Edmunds Company was established in 1945 as a sole proprietorship and was incorporated in Illinois in 1950.  The primary business of the Edmunds Corporation was the marketing and distribution of dowels as a manufacturer's reprsentative.  Through the 1950’s and 1960’s the Edmunds Company began supplying their customers with other wood products produced by their various suppliers.   During the 1960’s the Company began adding equipment to perform secondary operations at their customer’s request.  The capability to add value to the wood product they were distributing differentiated the Edmunds Company from their competition.

As Edmunds’ manufacturing capabilities grew, they began to develop a reputation as an innovative company that worked with their customers to solve problems.  This reputation helped to develop business relationships with some of the country’s largest corporations.  Meeting their customer’s demands for just in time deliveries, dependable service, creative solutions and fair prices has kept the Edmunds Company at the top of the wood product manufacturing industry.

The list of industries served and products sold by the Edmunds Company continues to grow.  Sourcing raw materials from around the globe enables Edmunds to supply their customers with quality products at competitive prices.  As the marketplace changes the Edmunds Company works to ensure that their customers are offered state-of-the-art solutions for their business demands.

Recently, Frank A. Edmunds Company added 3-D design technology.  These capabilities allow customers to review and approve drawings prior to production reducing the possibility of costly errors.  Further, because customers can see three dimensional renderings of their products, fewer changes are necessary at the prototype stage of the product’s development.

Today Frank Edmunds’ staff takes pride in continuing the tradition of reliability and customer service.  Customer requests are handled quickly and professionally.  Request for quotations are normally responded to within two days.  Orders are accepted, acknowledged, produced and shipped in a timely and efficient manner. The customer is the Edmund Company’s top priority.

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